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Spring Block I - Paraty

Paraty is a beautiful town located in the West of Rio de Janeiro State, a UNESCO heritage site that boasts harmonious colonial architectural features. Today Paraty hosts many musical and cultural events year round, the most prominent of which is the FLIP – Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty, an annual festival that brings people to Paraty to discuss literary works and pay homage to great writers. The town is also known for its local festivals on Catholic holy days, such as the Feast of the Holy Ghost.

Free Time Suggestions

In your free time we encourage you to walk around the historic center and explore on your own! The historic center is small, safe and very lovely, day and night. On weekends it is not uncommon to stumble upon live music, folcloric or religious ceremonies in the streets of Paraty´s historic center. There are several bookstores, many shops offering crafts and original art. Also don’t miss the free exhibits at the Casa da Cultura and at the Centro Cultural SESC, both located in the historic center. 

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