Packing for CIEE Monteverde

Studying abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica is a nature lover’s dream. In its unique landscape you will find lush greenery, narrow and winding roads, a mountainous terrain, and many rainforest critters. With all of the many characteristics and elements found in Monteverde, it’s no surprise that you’ll need to pack properly for your study abroad adventure here. 

Be sure you follow these packing tips to ensure you’re ready to take Monteverde on:

Pack multiple pairs of comfortable shoes.

While in Monteverde, you’ll be staying in the rainforest. During the rainy season, the mornings are typically sunny and dry, while the afternoons will likely be rainy and overcast. There are also many different types of terrains you’ll be walking on; some paved and flat, whereas others are rugged, rocky, and steep. For these reasons, you’ll want to have a variety of footwear options. Think comfy sneakers with good traction for hiking, rain boots for wet days, and even a pair of flip flops for the showers. 

Don’t be stingy with your bug spray.

Since you’ll be one with nature, expect to find lots of different types of bugs around. Colorful butterflies, armies of ants, flies, and pesky mosquitos can be found just about anywhere you look. If you want to avoid getting itchy bites, pack plenty of bug spray. Common brands like Off work well, but if you want heavy-duty bug spray you’ll want a brand like Ultrathon to really do the job. 

Think practical.

Studying abroad in Monteverde means you’ll be living in nature for your term abroad. This isn’t the best study abroad city if all you have in your suitcase is fashionable clothing. You’ll want to be comfortable! Consider packing breathable shirts, comfy leggings, shorts, and/or activewear. Remember to pack a rain coat and/or an umbrella as well. Many of your days will involve long walks and even hikes, so you’ll want to be practically dressed.

Don’t forget your sunblock. 

Sunblock is practical to pack for any city you choose to study abroad in, but even in the rainforest it is a must. While you might think you don't need it because you'll be walking around beneath a canopy of trees, you actually can still get a sunburn. Make sure you lather up before you go outside for the day!

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