Non-Comprehensive food guide for your first week in Seoul

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Olivia O.

`When you first come to Korea, especially those first days out of Quarantining, there’s a lot of stress about finding the exact right places to eat. Luckily, in Korea, especially Seoul, food tends to be super affordable, and is an easy way to get better access to the culture. Here’s a few hits of both mine and friends’ go to spots.

Sinchon, Seoul: Right by Yonsei Campus, it is important to have some classics here.

First off, the holy corner of sinchon. Right in one spot, you have several good options.

2F Rolling Pasta: If you’re missing western food, this spot is a hit to get some cheap Italian. Location is optimal for a quick weekday night out, or pregaming evening drinks. (recommended by Kenneth)

1F Hot Meat Soup: Below Rolling pasta is a place that has amazing Chinese soup and dumplings.

3 설렁탕: Small space with only three options to eat, all of which are 6,000 won. This place is great for a weeknight or quick bite. The options are kimchi, bulgogi, or light meat soup. The first two (but especially the kimchi soup) are especially popular with my friends.

Cochon Tonkatsu: 3,000 won tonkatsu! Only takes cash but is delish and filling.

Off that same road you have:

Jun's Grill: Located behind the large outback steakhouse, this spot has amazing food and it is all cooked by the Ajumma behind the counter. She also grows all the ingredients herself! (Recommended by Grace Frasier)

And a little deeper into Sinchon is:

Jayeon Dameun Brazier Grill: If you’re looking for a great spot for KBBQ, this is a great accessible first stop. Great samgyeopsal and atmosphere! (recommended by Hannah G)

Moving out of Seoul, here are just a few to wet your appetite: 


Bhudda’s Belly: Amazing Thai food right off the main strip in Itaewon that also boasts a fantastic sunset 

The Plant Cafe: Vegan and vegetarian heaven! As someone who was vegetarian before coming here, this was a great option when I felt overwhelmed by the samgyeopsal culture

Pancake House: Truly the American classic. A wonderful place with great comfort food (Recommended by Barritt R.)


Grain: Great All American Breakfast!


The Royals: Brunch and breakfast with vegetarian meals. Aesthetically pleasing and a perfect view of Seoul without ever becoming simply an instagram spot.


As I said before, this is not a final list by any means. However, this is the list I wish I had had during my first few weeks here when I was aching to get out into the city and explore. 

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