Nightlife in Haifa

Authored by:
Ali Swetat

My name is Ali and I am an intern at CIEE, many of the CIEE previous students asked me the same question, how is the nightlife in Haifa and where can we go out. So I decided to write this blog starting by mentioning that In the beautiful city of Haifa, there is a liberal approach of enjoying your nights out, meet up with friends and get to know new people!  

So here are my favorite places: 

starting from Massada Street with “Rai” cafe sided by Elika bar, both considered a hip places where many students and people from Haifa and its surrounding come to enjoy a glass of beer and hang out with friends. Rai is also considered a calm and nice place to enjoy your day drinking ginger tea, studying while listening to Fairouz (A famous Lebanese singer) songs in the background.  

not very far from there, and in the famous street of Ben Gurion located Fattoush Restaurant, a very cool and unique place with delicious food and cool atmosphere, besides the food they also host many cultural events, mostly in Arabic but also in English.  

Downtown in Haifa, and specifically at “Hameginim street” is located “Kabareet” a bar off a four-lane industrial road, through an alley, and down some stairs. it might be one of the most famous bars and nightclubs in Haifa, they host a Salsa dance every Tuesday, and every weekend they have several different local bands or DJ’s. there you can see many coifed, pierced and tattooed women and men who populate a slice of Haifa’s social scene that resembles that of the well-heeled hipsters of Tel Aviv, it is one of the places that you never regret visiting. 


lastly, Fattoush Bar and gallery, It is one of the newest Bars in Haifa, they host many interesting events, good alcohol, and service. I would definitely recommend this place.  

Few sentences you can say to the bartender in Arabic:- 


What’s your name?            Shu Ismak/ek?       شو اسمك؟


How much is a ginger tea?        Kaddesh hakk Il shay?       اديش حق الشاي مع جينجير؟


Where are you from?          Men wen inti?         مين وين انت؟


I love this bar!         Baheb hada il bar!        !بحب هذا البار 


What kind of Arabic music do you recommend listening?    Ay mosiqa btensahne asmaa’?          اي موسيقى بتنصحني اسمع؟


In Haifa, there is a cultural movement, and there is freedom, it is a unique place where different cultures mix and create a cool atmosphere that you will not find in other cities.  

Now I am inviting you to go out, explore and enjoy Haifa’s nightlife! 


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