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Diana Petrova

Diana Petrova

It has already become a good tradition to welcome new CIEE Moscow students with an opening ceremony at MGIMO Museum. This spring CIEE Moscow Study Center hosts 13 students, who will be studying at MGIMO-University, one of Russia’s most prestigious educational institutions. While studying at MGIMO, CIEE students will be broadening their perspectives on current trends of international relations, gaining essential skills and experience for their future careers.

The opening ceremony at MGIMO museum began by an introduction to the host institution – Moscow State Institute of International Relations. During the presentation on MGIMO history, students learned that the first 200 graduates of MGIMO were veterans of the Second World War who were aspiring to build international stability. In the decades that followed, MGIMO saw the establishment of its main schools and departments. Just imagine: while in 1944 a MGIMO student could become either a diplomat, an economist, or a lawyer, in 2019 the variety of career options for university graduates is much more impressive, including jobs in the spheres of journalism, energy, ecology, management, business, public administration, and many others.

Welcome speeches by MGIMO faculty and administration

A pearl of MGIMO Museum is a tree, which symbolizes all the languages taught full-time at MGIMO. The number of languages (53) is truly astonishing, ranging from more popular European languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian) to some rare Oriental and African languages like Swahili, Afrikaans, and Dari. In 2010, MGIMO was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the only university in the world teaching 53 foreign languages. 

After the welcome speeches by MGIMO faculty and administration, students were invited to MGIMO Museum of Rare Books, where they saw Russian and foreign documents and books dating back as far as the 13th century.

MGIMO Museum of Rare Books: students are shown an antique medical book. 

We wish our new students the best luck for their study abroad in Moscow. В добрый путь!

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