Madrid, even better than I’ve ever imagined

By Jiahui Zhong, Brandeis University

Madrid, even better than I’ve ever imagined. I learnt a bit about the history of Spain before my visit so I had an impression of its amazing culture and glorious history. But when I arrived here, I was in great shock constantly when I saw these gorgeous-looking cathedrals and buildings in the streets. I feel like I’m wondering in history, and appreciating how intelligent and diligent Spanish people have always been. I can’t believe my eyes! I always love historical sites; therefore I could never get bored in Spain, especially in Madrid, where countless museums and beautiful constructions are located. I live right next to Madrid Río (the river), and I can bike along the river anytime after school accompanied by fresh air and beautiful sunset. The Plaza Mayor is within walking distance and it is surrounded by my favorite restaurants. In addition, I am currently taking a course at UC3M called “Spanish Golden Age Literature” and learning about Spain’s rich literature and culture during the 16th and 17th century including topics of the Renaissance, Humanism, lyric movements, the novel of chivalry, etc. This opens up a new world to me and I am quickly falling in love with Spain once again.

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