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Melinda Pap

Don’t call Budapest eastern Europe. We all learned that mistake day one. It is ~eastern central Europe~ not to be confused with eastern. Budapest’s ~eastern central European location~ makes for various easy trains and busses to its eastern central European neighbors. One of my biggest draws to Budapest was its location. I want to take full advantage of its location and use my time abroad to explore the countries and places that I may not necessarily make a transatlantic flight for in the future. I might not make it to some of the big name European cities in my 4 months, but I will be riding busses and trains to Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia (ok you get the point). It is a little sad to me that I might not get my picnic under the Eiffel tower (big emphasis on the might not),but when else in my life will I be able drive to Transylvania, Romania and stay with a Hungarian family for a weekend.

February 19, 2019

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