Learning beyond Borders and Barriers

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Jenika S.

Jenika S.

I don't know about most of your class experiences, but mine has been mostly straight forward, come to class, be taught and probably take part in a discussion; this is, however, all dependant upon the professor you have.

I figured that this study abroad experience would be quite similar even more stringent. Don't get me wrong it was challenging,  come' on I'm about to learn more or less a semester worth of work in 6 weeks! However, the success rate is mostly dependent upon the student, and this tends to be quite simple since the professors at CIEE are not solely concerned about the student's A's and B's. Their highest priority is that their students learn and take away something from this experience; Something that can be used to propel their future.

I find days where I am allowed to be challenged in theory, question what is being taught, going and experience what I've learned first hand and also have fun while i do this. This is the kind of infrastructure that all students are exposed to and are encouraged to part take in. However, our best learning happens outside of the classroom setting where a random conversation becomes the most exciting and inspiring conformation of futuristic goals, ideas, and aspirations.

This is one of my favorite presentations thus far

This is the global experience! This is learning without boundaries! An experience that every student should experience in their scholarship.




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