Language Exchange at Yonsei University

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Bianca B.

Bianca B.

Hi friends,

During my time at Yonsei, I really wanted to converse and learn more Korean. Yonsei University has an exchange program where they assign you with a language exchange partner. It was probably the most fun and rewarding experiences I have had during this semester.


My partner was very kind and also just as motivated to learn more about the English language. They were also very helpful when it came to me learning, and gave me a book on Korean vocab (they also taught me important slang words haha). I can say that my conversation skills have gotten better through this exchange program.


We would usually meet for 2 hours once or twice a week. We would then go to different cafes in the Sinchon area for our meetings. We both became very good friends, and sometimes our lessons would be just talking about random things. We ended up playing the "heads up" game, or "pictionary" because we were working on how to describe an object. All in all, it was fun.


It was a great program to meet and converse with someone in Korean, but it also nice to make a new friend on campus.


Hope you will give this program a shot in the future!! Thanks for reading.

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