An Itinerary for a Date!

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Ryann S.

Ryann S.

SO my boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over two years. We spent a significant portion of that time, however, in a long-distance relationship. As a young Korean man, he needed to complete his mandatory military service this past year. Although this year has been abundant in challenges, him and I have been able to enjoy ourselves since I have been in Korea! For anyone else who finds themselves in my shoes (or perhaps similar ones) I wanted to provide an idea for a full-day date! For reference, when I planned this date, it was the middle of November, so the weather was very agreeable. Also, for those of you reading who find themselves single in Korea, I would definitely recommend this itinerary for a friend-date or even a solo-date!

**this itinerary is designed for those living at SK Global House**

  • meet up for breakfast @8:00 am - the original pancake house (itaewon)
  • namsan tower - @9:00-11:00
    • lock - buy at tower (9,000 -14,000 won each)(
    • observation tower ( - you can reserve tickets on Trazy!
    • cable car ride (10,000 won each)
  • namsan-gol hanok village
    • lunch - find somewhere together - @11:00-1:00
    • coffee/tea + photo - stop by one of the many cafes in the area, i would recommend the Flower Yard Cafe (33-12 Supyo-ro 28-gil, Ikseon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul) @1:00-1:45
  • head to sk global
    • outfit change! - @2:00-2:30
  • go to hongdae
    • walk around Gyeonggui Line Forest Park and stop by a photo booth to commemorate the day!
  • dinner - @6:00-8:00
    • 또 다른 자아/Another Ego - 서울 마포구 연남동 387-19 반지하 - you can make a reservation at this restaurant via instagram: @anotherego_official; they serve wine, pasta, and various types of charcuterie boards
  • fun after dinner ideas @8:00-12:00
    • hideaway - latin bar (마포구 와우산로 21길 28 지하1층 Seoul, Korea)
    • movie - there is also a megabox in sinchon if you would prefer to head back
    • noraebang!
    • escape room - (46,000 won for 2 people)
  • return to SK Global House

While planning, I wanted to leave some room for flexibility for those of you who prefer to not stick to a rigid schedule :)

I hope that you enjoy this date as much as I did!

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