It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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Federica P.

Federica P.

Hello friends,

It is almost December which means three things: finals are coming up, my experience is close to the end, but most importantly, it is nearly time for Christmas.

I cannot believe that I have less than a month left in Korea, but I am thrilled with my experience and everything I have done. Besides, I still have some time to plan the last few things I want to do while studying abroad.

But let's not think about the sad things. On the contrary, I want to focus on what I have learned here and on what is coming. Which is the Christmas holidays; it is definitely one of my favorite periods of the year for different reasons, and being in Seoul is making me feel the Christmas vibes even more.

The streets already have decorations, café and restaurants took out their Christmas trees and lights, and everything just makes me so happy. I am literally obsessing all my friends with Christmas music, and I am planning on doing Secret Santa with them.

I definitely get super excited all the time, but the fact that Christians here is such a big thing makes me talk about this period of the year and its atmosphere even more. I am going back home just a few days before Christmas Day, so I was worried I would not be able to feel the atmosphere; however, I think I’m actually experiencing it more here.

To make everything perfect, it would be fantastic if in December it started snowing, and even if I’m worried about the cold, I’m sure it will be worth it!

Enjoy the first Christmas decorations around the city.

Until next time,


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