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Imtithal H.

Hello! My name is Imti Hassan, this is actually one of the first blogs that I have written during my time abroad. 


Let me tell you a few things about myself! Firstly, South Korea is actually the first country I have ever visited outside of the United States. Secondly, this was the first time anyone in my family had ever studied abroad, especially since I am a first-generation student and the oldest in my family.


I have always had the desire to go abroad ever since I was young. Since I entered college I knew I wanted to take advantage of going abroad in my junior year and make my dream an actual reality. Since the end of my freshman year of college and the height of COVID 19 (Spring of 2020) I religiously watched numerous Youtube videos of students who were abroad in Korea. Personally, I have had a deep interest in Korean culture, history, and entertainment since I was a preteen. It's been so long, and I wanted to have the opportunity to see the things I used to watch on a screen in real life. 


Now, enough about me, let’s talk about the area where Yonsei is located.


Yonsei is a very centralized campus. Yonsei is located near an area called Sinchon. Sinchon is a big center that has multiple other schools nearby like Ewha University and Sogang University to name a few. In Sinchon there are numerous restaurants, arcades, and karaoke locations. You can honestly go to a different place every day. Right outside of the Yonsei dorms, there is a bus station that can take you to the destination of your choice or there is the Sinchon subway station that is approximately 20 minutes away. Lastly, Hongdae is another big area for Yonsei Students that is approximately a 30 minutes bus ride right from the SK Global dorm, Itaewon is also a 30-minute bus ride, and Gangnam is a 50-minute bus ride!  Stay tuned to hear more about my adventures in Korea! 

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