Internships in Rio

We are very excited about our internship project which will take place for the first time here at the GI Rio de Janeiro this Fall 19.

The project has had many steps: identifying and meeting with partners, interviewing students through skype, meeting with colleagues for decision making until finally introducing intern and employer to each other.

We are also very proud of our very first two interns: Camille Minns and Charys Lopes-Dishmey, who will pave the way for the success of Rio’s internship project.

Charys will intern in Block II. She is a Sociology major and has had experience with refugees, migrants and youth groups in the past. She wanted to work closely with locals here in Rio as well as develop her Portuguese language proficiency while interning. As Charys has also had experience with art in general, photography and fashion, she was placed at Mulheres do Sul Global.

Mulheres do Sul Global is an NGO which supports migrant women relocating in Brazil using their sewing craft as a means of survival and self-esteem rebuilding. MSG need Charys’ support in finding international funding and in doing marketing through their social media.

Camille will intern in Block III. She pursues a multi-disciplinary major with concentration in Globalization Studies, Africana Studies and Peace and Justice Studies. She has had experience in urban development, teaching and strategic planning in the past. As Camille was interested in working with local communities and developing her leadership skills, she was placed at Criola.

Criola is an NGO whose mission is to empower Afro-Brazilian women, adolescents and girls so as to fight racism, sexism and homophobia as well as to develop people of color’s living conditions overall. Criola needs Camille’s help with organizing their English language books and texts library. She will also participate and follow up on Criola’s many ongoing social projects.

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