I couldn’t be happier

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Dr. Wayne C.

Written by Grace Girard from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Week five of classes! How has time passed so quickly?! We are trying to fit as much in as possible, entirely aware of how little time we have left on this beautiful continent. Easter weekend was full of adventures in the Gold Coast, Melbourne, and elsewhere for many of us. The Gold Coast was a blast and a half with myself, Mandy, Kelley, Hannah, Shane, and Nathan. We were told that this area is the “Vegas of Australia” and while we heartily agreed, many of us commented on how very much it seemed like Florida and yet had a very Australian spin on things. We spent time at Dreamworld, one of the large theme parks in the Gold Coast, enjoying the rides and waterpark. Another day was spent gliding through the waterways on a River Cruise and afterwards enjoying dinner at an innovative pizza joint.

We’ve been hiking on Mt. Keira, waterskiing on Lake Illawarra, and we’ve bonded with koalas. The pressure of the semester being close to the halfway point brings typical college stress, but with the beach at our doorsteps and people we’re all growing close to as our neighbors, complaints are scarce. We’re all grateful to be here and I know I couldn’t be happier with who is here with me for this semester abroad.

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