"I’m Rafting in the rain!"

Authored by:
Martha Shtapura-Ifrah

Martha Shtapura-Ifrah

In our region of the world, the weather is often unpredictable, especially in the transitional seasons (like the fall). So while some days during October and November may have a temperature of over 30 degree Celsius, others may be as cold as 17 and very, very rainy.

This is what happened to us during our trip to the upper Galilee…

We were expecting a warm sunny day, but when we arrived at the river site, ready to set sail, they sky was already dark and it started to rain.

We looked at one another and then asked the rafting instructors, “is it ok to go? Is it safe?” and their answer was- “you are lucky! This is the best time to go!”

Skeptical and a little worried about getting completely soaked, we climbed our rafting boat.

And let me tell you- those rafting specialists were right!

Rafting through the light rain was a wonderful adventure!

On top of having a nice breeze, light rain and the river all to ourselves, we were able to experience a beautiful silence and blissful peace, as well as to meet unexpected, new “friends” on the way- wild birds who flew down to the river for a morning bath or a snack…

We also found out that we have some serious rowing talents.


To summarize, rain in Israel is always considered a blessing; sometimes it may ruin your travel plans, but at other times, it can bring about a wonderful surprise!

We hope that you will get a chance to go rafting when you’re here. Here are 5 useful words in Hebrew related to water, rain and rafting:

  1. מַיִם- Water (Ma’im)
  2. גֶּשֶׁם- Rain (Geshem)
  3. נָהָר- River (Na’har)
  4. רַפְטִינְג- Rafting (Rafting)
  5. שַׁיִט- Boating/sailing (Sha’it)

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