Hyderabad Club run 2019

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Madhuri Gunti

Madhuri Gunti

Hyderabad have a huge running population spread across the city. Hyderabad runners, a non-profit organization is one of them, which promotes running as the preferred form of exercise in and around the twin cities. As part of engaging the students in the local activities and events, we encourage our CIEE students to take part in such activities where they can either run or volunteer. During the Spring 2019 semester, Hyderabad runners in collaboration with University of Hyderabad organized Hyderabad Club run 2019 on 24th Feb 2019. This run was conducted inside the university campus. They had 2 categories 10km (6.21 miles) and Half Marathon 21 km (13 miles). The best part of the event was that, the university sports department gave free registrations for the students on campus.

All the Students who registered got a free T-shirt, Medical & SAG support and delicious breakfast. Two CIEE students from Spring 2019 semester and the Center Director ran 10km in this event. It was fun to run inside the university campus with friends and faculty. More than 2000 runners and out of them 200 were university students who took part in this event. These kind of activities not only allows your passion to continue the sport you like, but also helps students to understand the local perspective of the sport or the event.

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