How to apply for need-based scholarships in less than one minute

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College Study Abroad

College Study Abroad

Yes, it’s actually that simple to apply for a need-based scholarship with CIEE. Here’s how …

  1. Start a study abroad application
  2. Open the scholarships and grants section.
  3. Fill in your “Estimated Family Contribution” (EFC) number from your current FAFSA.
  4. Attach your Student Aid Report (SAR) and submit!
  5. In less than two weeks, you’ll find out exactly what you are eligible to receive.

Q: You mean, I don’t have to submit my program application first?

A. No

Q: I don’t have to finish my program application before I submit my scholarship portion?

A. No

Q: I can just open an application, fill in my EFC and hit submit?

A. Yes

Q: Same with merit scholarships?

A. No, merit scholarships require a short essay

Q. Is it true one in three students receive a scholarship from CIEE?

A. Yes

Q. Is it true you offer $8 million a year in scholarships?

A. Yes

Q. Is it true you offer 1,000 scholarships per term?

A. Yes

Q. So I should definitely apply, even if I don’t think I’m eligible.

A. Yes

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