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Kaitlyn A.

Tuesday Oct. 30, 2018

We are 70 days into the program and we have 53 days left until we go home. Midterms have crept up on us students rather quickly while also leaving in a hurry. This past month has been filled with trips to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, different parts of Sharjah, and even a trip to Egypt to see the Pyramids of Giza. I cannot believe how fast time has passed and I am especially not ready for the next month which has even more trips including a trip to Musandam, Oman and Amman, Jordan. As a part of IXO, we are also traveling to the Global Village in the UAE at the end of November.

I have slowly adapted to the idea of living in the UAE as a student and this feeling of acceptance comes in waves, it ebbs and it flows, as some would say. Some days I feel as if I belong and some days, I can feel completely out of place. But, this is part of the learning curve when it comes to living in a country without the same social norms and culture that I grew up in and lived in originally. The most important part of this realization is embracing this fact and being able to truly come into who you are as a person while you are here. 

For my advice for this blog, come to Sharjah, UAE (of course). Come and experience the true difference in studying abroad in a completely different country and take your studies and learning abilities to the next level. Being in this country has taught me so much, and I have experienced things that I truly cannot put into words here. 

That is it for now. Happy Halloween!

Pce & Love


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