Authored by:
Rawya Abu Hajleh

Cheering on our students that joined sports teams at the American University of Sharjah was a thrill this semester! Four or our students joined different sports teams! Benjamin Magnuson and Addison Bell joined the men’s and women’s track team respectively. Alexandria Irish joined the women basketball team, and Noah Sasse joined the men’s soccer team.​

Joining the sports teams was a great experience for our students. They got to know students from different colleges that shared the same passion towards sports. They got to compete against different local university teams from all over the Emirates.

Bonding through sports is quite natural, many friendships were forged in practice and many laughter’s were shared while celebrating accomplishments. “Knafeh”  was the go to sweets for celebrating those milestones. The bus rides to and from the games was extraordinary! Songs from the players different countries were played and all clapped and danced.

Noah Sasse decided to follow his father’s footsteps and joined the Wadi Bih Half Marathon Run. practicing daily and challenging himself, Noah was able to rank tenth in his first half marathon. “Part of what you realize when studying abroad is that you can do it! You can do a lot! All you need is to put yourself out there and have the experience! Get out of that comfort zone and challenge yourself to grasp your dreams and make them come true! I can see myself running alongside my father in the next marathon, something I always wanted to do!”


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