Global Institute Lecture Series about STEM in Brazil

Authored by:
Vanessa Miranda

On October 17th, 2019 Ciee Rio Janeiro held a roundtable conversation entitled STEM in Brazil: differences and Inequalities. Ery Jardim and João Souza e Silva conducted the conversation about education standards in Brazil, focusing on STEM within higher education as a driver of scientific development and innovation. 

Ery Jardim is a Senior Education Consultant and a lecturer for the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and the University Center UNIFTEC.

João Souza e Silva is a Public Policy Specialist with international experience in International Organizations, Governments and NGOs. His research focuses on different aspects of inequalities and their Impact on social and economic development.

Our audience was composed by CIEE students, faculty and staff as well as members of our local community.

At the end of the roundtable conversation, all the participants and the guest speakers got together for some informal chat and some catered food served at CIEE Rio de Janeiro facilities.

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