Galerie Noir D’Ivoire

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Darnell S.

Darnell S.

My next stop on my enlighting excursion was a sculpture gallery with African pieces dating back to 13th century. I found this gallery in my Africa in Paris city guide book so I knew it would be worth the trek. Located in the 6e arrondisement near the Odeon metro stop, this galley specializes in African archeology, terracotta and bronze jewelry in all of its’ forms according to the city guide. This hidden spectacle is directed by Yasmina Chenoufi who has dedicated a little bit of her life to traveling around the globe collecting ancient African art pieces. Her gallery was born in the 1980’s. She welcomed me into her gallery and was so happy that I decided to visit her by recommendation of Jaqueline’s book. She had some amazing statues in her gallery and she loved that I was a student in Paris but took my personal to explore Africa in Paris.  


Above is an African scribe from the 13th century! 


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