Gal Pals & Christmas Markets in Budapest!

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Lauren S.

Happy Monday y'all! Back at a coffee shop with a latte, where I'm definitely most at home. ;) This past week I had the opportunity to attend a super fun dance performance and host more friends in Budapest!
Last Wednesday, our program took us to a dance performance called "The Legend of Sissi." Sissi refers to Empress Elizabeth of the Hapsburg Empire, who was beloved in Hungary and was even rumored to be in a romantic relationship with a famous Hungarian count, Gyula Andrassy. Through solely dance and music, the performance told the story of Sissi and her relationship with Andrassy. It was a ton of fun to watch and all of the performers were so great!

Late Thursday, my friends Erin and Maddy came to visit from Prague and Madrid, respectively. It was so much fun to be able to show them the city and some of my favorite things about it! We spent a lot of time just wandering around looking, instead of rushing around trying to hit every possible thing. One thing we made sure to hit was markets! Around Vajdahunyad Castle in City Park, there was a little Saturday market with lots of food and craft stalls. I made sure to get a chimney cake for MadLav, since they're most of an eastern European thing. We also got to try mulled wine (I'll stick with hot chocolate, tea, or cider, though) which was fun! There was also a little petting zoo and this ag girl was happy to see some farm animals!! However, speaking of markets.....


This past Friday was the first day of the Christmas markets in Budapest! I love Christmas time, so it's so fun to see all of the lights, Christmas trees, and markets already set up. The markets are even better than I could ever imagine. There's live music everyday, everything smells like cinnamon, and there's so many things to look at. I will definitely be going at least once a week. The options for food, drinks, snacks, sweets, and gifts are absolutely endless. I picked up a little journal for myself, and am glad that I will be able to do my Christmas shopping in the wonderful markets surrounded by pure joy. Maddy and I also got roasted chestnuts, which was the first time I've ever had them! Quite an interesting experience, but one I will try again! The best thing I can think of to describe them as is a nutty potato.

All of the Christmas decorations are up! It's a mild fall here, but beautiful. However, seeing all of the photos and videos of snow in Denver are making me yearn for winter and cold and snow. I can't wait to be back home in Colorado. Also so excited for ski season! Today starts a period of about two weeks where I honestly have nothing planned. No trips, no friends coming to visit, nothing besides class. I am excited for the time to explore by myself, and also be with myself and hopefully refresh myself. Talking with my Mom and friends back home, I've realized that I'm just a little bit exhausted--physically and emotionally. I hope this will be a great time to recharge and power through the next month and a few days that I am here. So thankful for my life, this opportunity, and Christmas markets! I miss everyone a tremendous amount and can't wait to see everyone so soon!

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