First Week Complete!

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Rachel I.

Rachel I.

My first week as an American University of Sharjah student is complete!

     While I've officially been in the United Arab Emirates for two whole weeks now, I just finished my first week of classes. The classes here are intense - we really hit the ground running in each of them. Luckily, I love a challenge and a busy schedule and on top of all of that, I LOVE my classes. I'm feeling so optimistic about this semester - even the class that first struck me as the one that would challenge me the most looks like it might be my favorite. Not only that, but my campus is easily the most beautiful campus I've ever seen. Each time I look out my dorm-room window I am in shock that I'm lucky enough to be studying and living here. 

     I've had a great weekend and I'm ready for the start of this next week. My roommate is from Abu Dhabi and she returns home each weekend - luckily she and I have gotten along great and I've honestly missed her company this weekend. I went to the women's salon that is right by my dorm for a pedicure today, then I got some groceries to cook fettuccine alfredo for my roommate, a few friends, and me tomorrow after classes. Between the heavy load of homework I was assigned for this weekend, hanging out, and stopping by Karak Street with my girlfriends, I have loved every second of this weekend. 

     This weekend was surprisingly productive and took time away from when I'd planned to write my first blog post - but in the future, I'll dedicate more time to it for a better post. Thanks for reading!



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