February Fabulousness

Authored by:
Rawya Abu Hajleh

 Hello and welcome back CIEE students! It finally feels like we are settling into the semester and feeling the groove. This week was full of a lot of fun activities. Our students visited Global Village, and later on this week the Sharjah Lights Festival.

Global Village is an amusement park in Dubai that is exactly what it sounds like – a whole city where you can walk around and visit the entire world. Many cultures and cuisines are represented at Global Village, and our students really enjoyed visiting all the different countries.


Later on, we visited the Sharjah Lights Festival. The municipality of Sharjah hosts this festival in the spring of every year, where lights and lasers are projected on buildings around the city. For the second year in a row, AUS has been chosen to be one of the destinations for the festival, and our Main Building is currently illuminated with beautiful lights. We went out around the town and visited many of the destinations, including the Al Noor mosque in downtown Sharjah. On the Majaz waterfront, we also got to experience a wonderful fireworks show. We enjoyed the company, and the lovely weather.


Studying abroad is an experience that is so full of fun, learning, and opportunities. But of course, when you pick up and move across the world, there are a lot of processes and tasks you have to complete. Our tip for you this week is to stay on top of your paperwork, keep updating your advisor, and make sure you have everything in order for a wonderful semester.


Have a lovely week CIEE!

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