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Take a break from the heat in Australia’s sunniest city with a cold sweet treat from Whisk Creamery. This magical shop in downtown Perth creates the world’s most Instagrammable desserts. From matcha ice cream sandwiches to fish-shaped ice cream cones, you’re bound to satisfy your sweet tooth here. One of the creamery’s most popular desserts is its caramel sandwich. You’ll be served a sugar-dusted “cronut” (croissant-donut pastry hybrid) filled with creamy salted caramel gelato. The cronut is then topped with a dollop of fluffy, fresh cream and drizzled with decadent salted caramel sauce. The toppings don’t stop there – notice the finishing touches of crushed pistachios, caramel popcorn, and pink marshmallows. You’ll want to snap some photos of this extravagant dessert before devouring it!


If you want to drink like the Aussies, order yourself a glass of Bundaberg Ginger Beer. This soft drink is the jewel brew within the Australian Bundaberg Brewed Drinks collection, and for good reason. The family-owned company’s recipe calls for the finest Australian grown ginger, which is ground up and blended with Australian cane sugar. Water is then added to the ginger and sugar, creating a “wort,” which is heated to release the flavor and starches of the ginger. The next step calls for a special yeast, which is carefully added to ferment the wort. After the concoction ferments, the liquid is craft-filtered, removing the alcohol by-product and leaving just the right amount of tiny ginger pieces behind. Every bottle of Bundaberg Ginger Beer is proudly craft-brewed over three days, guaranteeing each sip is flavorful and refreshing.


Western Australia is known for its gorgeous beaches, but have you heard about its pink lakes? Located six hours north of Perth’s city center is Hutt Lagoon, a lake the color of pink bubblegum. Six hours might seem like a far trek for a swim, but the journey north will have you marveling at wild wallabies and kangaroos along the remote expanse of Australia’s sandy Outback. When you arrive at Hutt Lagoon, notice the lake’s color. Depending on the time of year (and even time of day), the lake might be red or purple, but is typically pink. This is because Hutt Lagoon contains the world’s largest microalgae production plant. The lake also has high salinity levels – so you’ll be happily floating in what looks like pink lemonade.

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