Eat, Drink, Explore: Dakar

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If you’re looking for a classic chicken dish in Senegal, order yassa poulet at just about any restaurant in Dakar. This typical Senegalese recipe features a thick cut of chicken breast, on the bone, marinated in a thick, lemony onion sauce. The meat is sautéed in oil until it’s moist and delicious then served on a bed of steamed white rice drizzled with lemon. You might encounter this dish in other parts of West Africa, but it originates in Senegal. Bon appétit!


Bissap tea is not only Senegal’s national beverage – it’s also a big part of Senegalese culture. Brewed from hibiscus flower, bissap tea is tart - almost cranberry-like - and typically served hot. The Senegalese don’t mess around when it comes to sugar, so expect to enjoy a cup of bissap tea thoroughly sweetened. Beyond its unique flavor and vibrant red color, bissap tea is loaded with health benefits – like helping aid digestion, fight infections, prevent anemia, and lower fevers. Order a cup mid-morning at virtually any café in Dakar.


Since Dakar sits on a peninsula – it catches swells from the north and south – making it a surfer’s secret paradise. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, you have your choice of 15 prime locations to ride waves – all in a 30-minute radius. If you’re just starting out, consider finding your sea legs on more forgiving beach breaks like Virage and Yoff. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, check out Ouakam or Vivier. Either way, Dakar is the place to get your surf on and catch some of Africa’s most consistent waves!

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