Earn Credits J-term ’20 Watching TV, Listening to Music, and Exploring Amsterdam!

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How does your favorite TV show represent different identities and what does it say about the culture it was made in? Find a possible explanation in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Popular Cultures - the January CIEE program where you earn three credits watching TV, listening to music, and exploring Amsterdam! 

In just three weeks, you’ll be able to identify the power relationships that undergird the representation of gender, race, and sexuality in American and Dutch popular culture - and society at large; and you’ll become a more sensitive, discerning, and critical consumer of film and television.

Class work, guest lectures from professionals in the field, and guided site visits to local organizations will lay the groundwork for discussions on race in the Netherlands. You’ll also go to a film screening and explore representations of gender and their significance in Dutch popular culture. Ever think you could watch the classic film, ‘Paris is Burning’ in the amazing city of Amsterdam and get credit for it?

Like previous students, you are sure to find ways to explore your own identity in Amsterdam! Maybe it’s going to the Van Gogh Museum; maybe it’s dinner at Ctaste – a restaurant where you eat in the dark; or maybe it’s visiting one of the many queer cafés!

“Amsterdam is the perfect place to gain more knowledge on the topics of gender, race, and sexuality. Using Dutch case studies to engage in out-of-class activities, students will be enlightened with new perspectives and ideas on these current topics,” said CIEE Interim Director, Ruth Südholter.

Come study Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Popular Cultures in Amsterdam during your winter break and strengthen your knowledge on all aspects of identity in popular media culture!

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