Daytrip to Liège with our ALA and BIR students

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Ludovica Pinci

Ludovica Pinci

Our students have now been in Brussels for more than three weeks (one week for our ALA students ! ) and we enjoy having them with us to discover this beautiful little country !

On Saturday, we visited Liège, a major Walloon city located in the east of Belgium. The “fervent city”, as it is sometimes called, is not only the principal economic and cultural center of the region, it also has a rich history that dates back to Roman times.

After discovering the famous train station designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, we visited the museum of Walloon life, set in the former monastery of the Franciscans. Our guide told us some fun facts about life in Wallonia from the 19th century onwards, giving the students a better idea of what it is to be Walloon, which traditions are still observed nowadays and what lays behind them.

We then had lunch at “L’industrie”, a cozy and famous restaurant founded in 1930. We couldn’t do without trying the typical “boulets liégeois” (meatballs with a delicious sauce) with French fries, or the goat cheese pastry prepared with special syrup from Liège. After a fabulous “café liégeois” as dessert, we left to meet our tour guide with whom we discovered the historic city center.

Among others, we went underground, to see the foundations of the Gothic St. Lambert cathedral, under the “place Saint Lambert”, before entering the court in the Palace of the Prince-bishops.

Finally, we walked up the 374 steps (yes, you read right !) of the mountain of Bueren to enjoy the best view of Liège.  After this, there was just enough time left to have a coffee and enjoy a typical warm sweet waffle (yummy).

Thanks to all of you for taking part in this daytrip, we had such a good time with you !

(Credits to our intern Isabelle for writing this post)

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