A day trip to Mythological Museum

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Kalyan Murthy

Kalyan Murthy

November is the busiest month for semester students as they prepare for final exams, performance in end-semester cultural evening at the University, & a day trip to Surendrapuri. At the cultural event, students display various skills they learned during their semester abroad and this fall semester, students performed a Kuchipudi dance, language-based activities, etc.

Kuchipudi dance is one of the Indian classical dance forms. Students take the course for credit, learn and perform in four months is not easy as it sounds. It needs a lot of hard work & passion to learn in such a short time and performing in front of the local audience is something that shows their enthusiasm to embrace a new culture.

A student performed on the Indian languages he learned during the semester abroad, where he prepared his own speech & presented in Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam languages. The audience complimented for his effort and the student went on to say, “it takes a lot of courage to talk in the local language in front of the local audience”, everybody applauded!

The student’s day trip to “Surendrapuri” was fun and educational. “Surendrapuri” is India’s first mythological museum and was set up to create awareness on the Hindu mythology. At the museum, the sculptures, and paintings depict the stories from Hindu epics Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Bhagavatam. Also, the miniature temple towers replicate the most important temples in India is quite interesting.         

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