Day 1

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Connie C.

Stepping off the plane, you can immediately feel the hot & humid weather! During the commute to the hotel along with a several other UC Davis students, we witnessed amazing views of gorgeous lighted buildings which sparked my excitement. I was fortunate to have met Sammi who was as mutually excited and hungry as me!

We settled down and strolled around the area as we explored and scouted around for food. The menu of the restaurant we went to was entirely in Chinese! Sammi and I looked at each other and cracked up because we had no clue how to read the menu. Luckily, we can speak and understand Cantonese (although a bit rusty). The gentlemen who took our order had a chill vibe and funny humor. We told him we cannot read the menu & he was able to work with us and finalize on our dishes- Beef Stew Noodle Soup and Yang Chow Fried Rice + Lemon Iced Tea. Pricing was such a deal compared to SF! 

We ended our night with a celebratory cocktail to cheers to our first night of successful food run and the start of our exciting adventure in HK.

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