A comprehensive ranking of all the falafels we ate this semester by Meghan Curran and Melissa London

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Martha Shtapura-Ifrah

Martha Shtapura-Ifrah

Meghan and Melissa took it upon themselves to test and taste the best falafels in the area and provide you with a comprehensive ranking and some tips ! Enjoy! 


7. On-campus falafel (3rd floor of Terrace building)

Gets the job done! This is not the most exciting option in the world, but grabbing a 14 shek falafel between classes is nothing to complain about! Quick and easy, and the guy behind the counter usually gives you a free falafel ball just for visiting.


6. Tiberias falafel

We stumbled upon this place during a field trip and stopped for a quick bite. We can't remember the name but it's on the north end of HaGalil Street. The owner was great and very friendly, and the falafel was tasty but nothing spectacular! 


5. Falafel Michel, Haifa

This is one of two "battling" falafel shops in the Wadi Nisnas in Haifa. When we visited with Martha, two of us grabbed falafels from Michel and two grabbed falafels from HazKenim across the road. The falafel here is delicious and has lots of topping options!


4. Tel Aviv, outside the shuk

On a trip to Tel Aviv, we were super hungry so made an impromptu stop at a falafel shop just south of the shuk, opposite the parking lot on HaCarmel Street. Here, we enjoyed a really unique mixture of toppings and sauces, some almost curry-like – not your everyday falafel flavors! Take this falafel on your way through the shuk and you're sure to have a great time!


3. Al Jabali, Nazareth

We stopped at Al Jabali at the recommendation of Meghan's Arabic conversation teacher. It was definitely the largest and most full falafel we ate, and it was incredibly fresh. We enjoyed eating in the shady square by Mary's Well – an added atmospheric bonus! The owners were super kind and the fresh pickled veg was plentiful! 


2. Yemeni falafel, Paris Square, Haifa

The Yemeni falafel shop in Paris Square is the best option if you find yourself in the Turkish Market area of Haifa! It was the first Yemeni falafel shop to open in the area and has withstood the test of time – there was a long line of people waiting for their favorite lunchtime meal! You can sit in the square, people-watch, and enjoy your falafel all at once.

1. HazKenim

Wow, the love of our lives. We will be thinking about this falafel for months (or years) to come. Located right across from Falafel Michel in the Wadi Nisnas, this is an absolute must-eat during your time in Haifa! While there aren't as many topping options as other restaurants, you don't need them – it's amazing without them. The actual falafel is so well-spiced, and the combination of creamy tahini and crunchy pickles is to die-for. It's a long way down the mountain from campus, but the experience is absolutely worth it, and for 17 sheks it's the best bang for your buck, in our opinion!

Bonus: Sahara Imbiss, Berlin

While not in Israel, this falafel place definitely deserved an honorary mention on our list. During our Passover break, we traveled to Europe and stayed in Berlin for several days. While there, we stopped in to grab a quick and cheap dinner. The falafel we ate was Sudanese – so different to anything we've tried in Israel, but it was delicious! Falafel, lettuce, tomato, eggplant, halloumi, mango sauce, peanut sauce, chili...the stuff of dreams! If you ever happen to find yourself in Berlin, it's definitely worth the 3 euros!

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