Community Service: Bois d’Ecole project

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Aminata Fall

The Ministry of Environment has initiated the Bois d’Ecole project in order to contribute to the improvement of the living environment and study of students and teachers and training of citizen awareness.

One of the main goals of the Bois d’Ecole project is to educate children about the importance of preserving the environment. Amongst other activities, the Bois d’Ecole project initiates tree planting, the creation of gardens, recycling etc. in elementary schools, with children, so they learn from an early age.  Katie and Ekuwa, interning at the Ministry of Environment, has invited their fellow students to join them in one of the site of the project. (more infos @

Friday, March 8th, students joined their colleagues, to an elementary school in Daroukhane, in the Suburbs of Dakar.

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