CIEE Brussels recipe for the perfect picnic

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Ludovica Pinci

Ludovica Pinci
Ah Belgium… French fries, cold beers, warm people. But what about the weather? Yes, the weather can be a problem sometimes. However, what makes Brussels really special is the variety of things you can do. From impressive monuments and art museums to gorgeous parks and outdoor festivals, Brussels is one of the most amazing places to spend time in… and when the sun comes out what’s better than a picnic in one of Brussels’ most beautiful public parks ?! 
This Sunday, with 19° C (64.4° F), CIEE couldn’t help but organising  a picnic for both our students as well as their local friends in one of Belgium’s hidden gems. 
We just had to follow the recipe for the perfect Picnic (found in my grandmother’s old notebook):  Fun, fresh air, yummy food, friends and some Belgian beers.

- First step, choosing the right park: Étangs d’Ixelles, a little local oasis was the perfect location.

- Second step, the food: CIEE had to choose among a huge variety of Belgian beers and different sauces. Fresh fruits, homemade sandwiches and Belgian beers were more than enough! 
- Last step, finding the right people to enjoy the nature, the yummy food and the beautiful shades that the Belgian sky can have on a sunny day: CIEE students were there to share this wonderful day with us. 
And… Voilà! The perfect Picnic was done! 
(Credits to our great intern Stefanos)

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