Buttermilk 버터밀크 Brunch in Seoul

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Adilene V.

Adilene V.

About a month into the semester, a friend of mine, a New Yorker, was craving brunch. The brunch tradition is typical for Americans. He especially missed this from America, so we decided to embark on a journey to find brunch in Seoul. This led us to find various brunch places that were permanently closed or had relocated. We found a good place in Itaewon, but we wanted a more affordable, more accessible for the typical college student (with no job and debt). Thus, we found Buttermilk in Hongdae. This place was so famous that I thought we would never be able to make it inside. The typical wait on a busy day is one hour, even an hour and a half. If you go as soon as they open though, you will be blessed with at least being able to wait inside. 

The interior is very tiny and home-like. It is very cute and, more than often, they always play the movie Up on their laptop screen. Additionally, there are vintage books and paintings that decorate the home-like diner. It is very small and seats are close, creating an intimate environment. I think that is why many couples go to Buttermilk. I always go with my friends though, and I enjoy it just the same. My favorite part about Buttermilk besides the food is the connection I have made with the owners. They are such lovely and detail-oriented ladies. Because my roommate and I decided to make Sunday a Brunch Sunday, we made Buttermilk a tradition. So, the third time I went there, I finally asked the owner her name. Because I am a foreigner and am not so good at Korean, was afraid she would reject my friendly and curious gesture. On the contrary, she was charmed and from then on the chain of brining my friends to brunch began. If you go, as a traveler or exchange student, go anywhere frequently do not be afraid to reach out. Part of the restauraunt experience is client interaction and whose to say you cannot make relationships abroad? It makes going to the same place a special and enjoyable experience. 

Thank You Buttermilk Staff for always filling my tummy with yummy food and practicing Korean with me! 

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