Buddy Bear Hunting in Berlin

Authored by:
Kevin G.

Kevin G.

The Buddy Bear originated from a street art project in Berlin back in 2001. The idea was to inspire a symbol of hope and optimism through displays of art scattered throughout the city, and being Berlin's heraldic animal, the bear would become a welcoming friend to Berliners and their guests.

These bears can be seen everywhere! Restaurants, souvenir shops, museums, embassies, train stations, you name it! There's no way to escape these admirable artsy bears. Eventually, I fell in love with these iconic bears that it seemed like a fascinating idea to go bear hunting. If you decide to go Buddy Bear hunting and want to find an excuse to explore Berlin more in depth, someone has created a map highlighting the location of all the bears. Click on the link here to find the hiding spots of these iconic bears. One important note, however, the bears will sometimes be moved to a different location. So keep your eyes wide open, those artsy friends can be unbearable to miss.


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