The Beginning of the Village Month: Moving into Homestay Families

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Harry L.

Harry L.

This past weekend, our students packed their bags and headed out to the village district of Kilolo, located about an hour outside Iringa. After a quick lunch on Sunday at our host NGO, RDO, the students headed into the villages surrounding RDO to meet their homestay families and get moved in! Our program coordinator, Paulo, visits each homestay family multiple times prior to our student move-in to ensure that the family is well-prepared for hosting an American college student.

Move-in day is always a little chaotic. It’s an exciting time for both the students and their families. It’s also a little nerve-wracking as everyone adjusts to the new living environment (it’s as much a change for the families as it is for the student!) Fortunately, the program has prepared both our students and their homestay families for what to expect (and not expect), so everyone approaches the day with an open-mind! Check out the photos to see what move-in day looked like!

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