African American in India: the biggest struggle

Authored by:
Omar C.

Living in India as a black American may come with constant stares and everyone always assuming you’re from Nigeria, but how about trying to find a barbershop/salon that actually knows how to do your hair? Yeah…not so easy.

You will come across people who will tell you straight up that it won’t be possible, and there are also people who would be more than happy to at least try to help. Honestly, I appreciate both types of people. The honesty of those who do not want to risk damaging your hair, and those who have little to no experience with your hair but do their best anyway.

On that note, I would say not to go into these places with high expectations but with an open mind, and if your hairdo does not turn out the way you wanted, try not think about it as much. I just where my blue denim cap over top. And who knows? A MESSED-UP DO CAN BE THE NEW YOU!

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