6 reasons why summer is a great time to do an internship

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Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for a change of scenery. Why not grab a few credits abroad while getting professional career experience? CIEE offers global internships in 8-week summer sessions where you take just one class per session (a bit less demanding than your usual 5-course semester!) Intensive language immersive programs are also available for students who really want to dive into their language skills in Barcelona and Seville. Choose the city that most interests you - let us do the rest of the work. 


CIEE has summer programs in more than 15 amazing cities around the world. All CIEE internship locations provide you the ability to travel on weekends to neighboring cities, or even countries; enjoy co-curricular activities with likeminded students; and even engage with local traditions through extracurricular activities and travels - all included in your internship program fees. 


A Summer Global Internship is among the most budget friendly options for students looking to gain real-world experience, abroad. Plus, we canhelp you once you get there with 6 ways to manage your budget abroad. CIEE also offers scholarships, and if you’re Pell eligible, money toward travel costs. Just fill out the quick and easy Scholarship and Grants application to apply!


No matter what your field of study, we will work to find you the perfect internship placement to help you stay on track for your career goals! Whether it’s business, communications, foreign language, health studies, humanities, political science, STEM, or sustainability, there’s an internship program for you. An internship abroad  gives you professional experience directly related to your goals, all while acquiring intercultural skills, which are increassingly needed to thrive in today's global marketplace. 


From the silky-smooth beaches of Barcelona to the bustling and busy streets of Berlin, do an internship abroad and spend your summer in style. Pack your sunscreen and treat yourself to a walking-tour of East London’s street art scene, a peaceful moment in a Zen garden in Tokyo, or a relaxing swim inthe Pacific Ocean, south of the equator.  


Did you know some of the biggest, can’t-miss festivals are held during the summer? Imagine yourself… 

  • Enjoy Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor in June as the Dragon Boat Festival takes place. Which boat do you think will win? 
  • Be bold, be bright! Attend New York City's Pride Parade. 
  • Experience the end of the semester like a true Brit. Join the ultimate end-of-exam musical celebration for Manchester students, Parklife. 

Don’t settle for the same old summer routine. Invest in yourself this Summer! Take it up a notch or two with an incredible CIEE Summer Global Internship!

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