24 hours in Seville: A Global Intern's Guide to Spain

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When you are a Global Intern in Seville, the possibilities are endless. With brightly colored art in the historic city center, gothic architecture, and fresh seafood galore, there is so much to see - and eat in this Spanish city. We have put together an itinerary for 24 hours in Seville, as well as some other not-to-miss attractions around the city and surrounding areas. We are curious what your favorites will be from Seville! Now it's time to get out there and explore...

9:00 AM 

Wake up and smell the...history! Seville is one of the most historic places in Spain and home to many monuments and statues in the center of the city. Check out Plaza de Espana for all the views. Beautiful buildings are abound as you admire the stunning views. You are sure to run into gothic architecture, eclectic colors and people, and tasty food along the way. 

Pro tip: We recommend downloading the App "GPS My City" and looking for the best walking routes in Seville. 

11:00 AM

If you are ready to take a deeper dive into anything you notices along the skyline from your walking tour, The Gold Tower, or Torre del Oro, is not to be missed. This is one of the most significant landmarks in Seville, witnessing the city's rocky history. It was meant to be a watchtower when it was built in the 13th century. Currently it houses Seville's Naval Museum, sitting right on the water. Will you climb to the top of the tower? 

1:00 PM

Ready for some traditional Spanish food to refuel? The Spanish take their food very seriously when it comes to quality and taste. They also like to eat a good variety of things, which Tapas allows, catering to large groups, who want to try many things from the menu on small plates. Seville is home to traditional food, as well as new-age takes on the historic treats. Learn more about Seville tapas, where to find the best ones, and what's changed over the years making way for a debate on traditional versus modern tapas. Which one do you prefer

4:00 PM

You must be ready for a break with all the walking around and site-seeing. One of the most coveted Spanish traditions come to life...sort of...in Seville; the siesta. Whether you are enjoying downtime in your house, meeting with friends for a drink or coffee, or reading a book on a city park bench, the Spanish covet this time to reset, reload, and readjust their day. Get prepped for a nice dinner out by taking a nap beforehand. We can't think of anything better before a big meal (or after...)! 

8:00 PM

Ready to boogie? Flamenco dancing originates in Seville, and is something not to be missed while you are interning abroad. We hope you rested up for this traditional dance rooted in arm movements and rhythmic feet stomping, all while wearing some of the most elaborate and beautifully designed clothing - for both men and women. Try your luck at this Spanish technique and see if you can keep up!

Seville has so much to offer a Global Intern - luckily you will be there for more than one day. Some of Spain's most significant history is in Seville from The Sagrada Familia to the bustling markets where you can try your bartering skills. Looking for more suggestions in Seville? We trust The Lonely Planet's Guide to Seville!

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