24 Hours in Mumbai: A Global Intern's Guide to India

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When you are a Global Intern in Mumbai, the possibilities are endless.  From busy and fast streets, street food and markets, to people galore - including famous Bollywood actors, there is so much to see - and eat. We have put together an itinerary for 24 hours in Mumbai, as well as some other not-to-miss attractions around the city and surrounding areas. We are curious what your favorites will be from Mumbai! Now it's time to get out there and explore...

9:00 AM 

Start your day the right way by seeing the Gateway of India - built in 1924 and positioned to overlook the Mumbai harbor. This happens to be Mumbai's most recognized and visited monument. Eat a big breakfast this morning - but not too big if you intend to ride some the US's biggest theme park rides at Universal Studios. This operating movie studio meets adventure theme park, is sure to leave you desiring a celebrity spotting. Feel free to mix up your day a bit - we recommend the Hollywood Walk of Fame for some of the biggest names in show business history. 

Pro tip: You can visit any time of day, but be sure to check the weather - India can have some heavy rains during their weather patterns. 

12:00 PM

Explore the local markets and bazaars - ride a local taxi, a TukTuk Rickshaw in between them for easy access. Some of our favorite markets and bazaars can be found all around the city - which one will be your favorite? 

Pro tip: this is a great time to stock up on amazing souvenirs and holiday gifts. Take some time to learn how to barter with the locals, and you will come home a colorful new you. 

3:00 PM

India is one of the most polarizing places on Earth - from extreme wealth to devestating poverty, Mumbai exhibits qualities of both. If you are able, visit the Dharavi Slum. Some of the area's biggest naturally resources hail from Dharavi from local labor, to textiles to food and drink. Remember, this is home to more than one million people - be respectful and kind when you interact, and always leave a place better than you found it. Having trouble deciding whether this stop is right for you or not? Hear the story of from former intern Sabreen, on her time living and interning in Mumbai. 

Mumbai has so much to offer a Global Intern - luckily you will be there for more than one day. Some of India's richest history lives in Mumbai, from all the bright colors, to the winding roads through small villages and big cities alike. Looking for more suggestions in Mumbai? We trust The Lonely Planet's Guide to Mumbai!

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