24 hours in Berlin: A Global Intern's Guide to Germany

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When you are a Global Intern in Berlin, the possibilities are endless.  From historical architecture, newage modern buildings, brats & beer, and abundant street art, there is so much to see - and eat. We have put together an itinerary for 24 hours in Berlin, as well as some other not-to-miss attractions around the city and surrounding areas. We are curious what your favorites will be from Berlin! Now it's time to get out there and explore...

10:00 AM 

Grab your walking shoes and head over to Germany's parliament building, Reichstag. This famous and historical structure has been through it all - fires, bombs, being rebuilt. This German landmark can be recognized by the distinctive glass dome - which includes a lift to take you to the top to see 360 degree views of Berlin and the surrounding German areas. Once you get up there, don't forget to grab your free audio-guide to learn about the buildings, German landmarks, and history and current workings of Parliament. 

Pro tip: Make reservations online before you visit for guarenteed access to the lift and rooftop restaurant for lunch! 

1:00 PM

Now that you have loaded up on fuel and learned all about German Parliament, it's time to head over to the Brandenburg Gate, Germany's most iconic attraction, built in 1791. Grab some walking instructions here (pro tip - save this Google Map to your phone when you have WiFi so you can navigate the city like a local!) and hit the pavement. This symbol of German unifiction after the Cold War, found inspiration in Athens’ Acropolis for the elegant triumphal arch, as the royal city gate.

3:00 PM

You've probably been noticing Berlin's colorful and vibrant street art culture. And guess, what? The price is right! Walking around Berlin provides some of the most colorful (and free!) eye candy. It's hard to miss as you walk from site to site, but be on the lookout for some famous pieces along the way. Some of our favorite walking tours can be found here

6:00 PM

You've earned yourself a treat of the locals - beer and bratwurst! Did you know The German Beer law is the oldest food law in history, called the Purity Law? Or that making susage is an important part of German culture due to long cold winders? The Purity Law simply states that all German beer must only contain water, barley and hops. Beer in Germany is closely regulated by the Government as it is a huge source of tax revenue.  So be a tourist, grab yourself a brat from a street vendor, and  sit down to try a local Hefeweizen or Oktoberfest for a taste of the culture. 

Berlin has so much to offer a Global Intern - luckily you will be there for more than one day. Some of the world's most significant history is in Germany from the Berlin Wall to the magnificent architecture. Looking for more suggestions in Berlin? We trust The Lonely Planet's Guide to Berlin!


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