‘Thank You:’ A look inside a culture built on collectivism

Authored by:
Kareena D.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to better understand collectivism in such a diverse and rich country.

In Morocco I learned just how much collective thinking enhanced the quality of one’s life. My life. Thinking for others made life so much more enjoyable. After weeks of a mentality centered around selflessness and gratefulness, I could no longer locate the self-centered aspects of western American society I had become accustomed to –– plastic to-go cups, making reservations, one-party taxis, a TV in every room, and the list goes on.

In Morocco I learned what gratitude means. I learned what a society could look like without being so transactional. All with the words ‘Thank you.’ To be in a collective society I realized we are all extensions of one another.

As the weeks stretched on and home was 6,000 miles away, it was when I realized we shared each other’s triumphs and tragedies is when I felt least alone.The small shared moments of playing soccer with my host siblings after coming home from school, helping each other clean up after meals, watching TV in the living room to unwind from a long, hot day.

I felt apart of something bigger than myself. I felt connected to the past equally as much as I felt attuned to the present. Aunts and uncles and cousins made me feel as if I’d been a member of the family for years. We spent the evenings sharing our joy of loving. 



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