Student Life

Single rooms will be provided wherever possible. If absolutely not feasible, no more than double occupancy will be allowed, following an initial 14-day period in single rooms. If double occupancy, staff will ensure a two-meter distance between sleepers, and create physical barriers, using curtains, sheets, plexiglass, etc.

Following an initial 14-day period of quarantine and testing, students will be cleared to go to homestays. Homestays will only be available to gap and high school language program students.

Student Cohorts
For the first 14 days of the program, staff will split any large groups into smaller groups (by cohort) for housing, outdoor programming, dining, and program activities. At all times, students will be asked to maintain physical distancing and use facial coverings as required by local ordinance. Staff will limit their entering of residents’ rooms or living quarters unless it is necessary, and will use virtual communications and check ins (phone or video chat), as appropriate.

Guest Policy
No overnight guests are permitted in CIEE housing. This includes family members and friends visiting from other locations.

Kitchen/Shared Eating Space
Students will be required to sanitize after each use following specific instructions on proper cleaning. In addition, CIEE staff will ensure professional cleaning at least daily, and more depending upon volume of usage. Failure of students to comply with cleaning standards may lead to closing of kitchens.

Independent Travel
Independent travel in the fall semester will be strongly discouraged, is optional, and the student carries all associated risk. You will be requested to limit travel to solely within the country of study to minimize exposure brought about by travel as well as travel disruptions. Academic work missed because of a quarantine or other delay while traveling is your responsibility. CIEE cannot guarantee missed assessments or work can be “made up.”

When is a 14-day quarantine required?

  • When mandated by the government
  • When students will be living in double occupancy rooms
  • When students are headed into a homestay situation

What does a 14-day quarantine mean?

  • Single room, ensuite
  • Assisting with the logistics of meals
  • Isolation with “cohort only” classes and interactions
  • Full compliance with social distancing, face mask usage, and enhanced hygiene

Quarantine vs. isolation?

  • Quarantine housing is used when a person has potentially been exposed to an illness and needs to separate from other people in order to see if symptoms develop.
  • Isolation housing is used when someone has symptoms.