Flipped and Hybrid Learning
For CIEE-delivered courses, classroom instructors will employ two innovative methods for learning:

  • Flipped Learning – Content, including teaching resources such as presentation slides, is provided to students via a learning management system in advance of an in-person teaching session.
  • Blended/Hybrid Learning – Instructional activities that involve online learning activities are combined with in-person learning activities 

Students will have fewer hours in traditional face-to-face learning to uphold social distance practices. Co- and extra-curricular activities are designed to accommodate hygiene and social distancing requirements while showcasing the host city and culture as far as practical. 

Classroom Safety
For CIEE-delivered courses, staff will follow all local requirements for education safety, including mandated distancing between desks and seating. Where practical, CIEE will offer online learning in addition to in-person classes to help reduce the number of in-person attendees. If necessary, there could be a flexible rotating schedule of live sessions for students to abide to maximum capacity of class size and social distancing measures. Host institutions will likewise be subject to local rules regarding risk mitigation, and CIEE staff will keep you apprised of these requirements.

Credit Peace of Mind
For CIEE-delivered courses, all programs have been selected, and in some cases modified, based on their ability to guarantee academic completion: If needed, 100% of coursework can be moved to delivery online. In some cases, students will complete a block of academic coursework before departing the U.S., which further ensures the semester will deliver the normal number of semester credits.‚Äč

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