The World is Not Just Our Classroom, It's Our Campus

Authored by:
Caroline Maas

CIEE’s Open Campus offers 1,000+ ways to do comparative learning within our Global Institute network

To bridge chasms of cultural understanding, CIEE weaves comparative and intercultural learning curricula into everything that students experience on site. To date, the most dramatic representation of our signature approach is our innovative Open Campus model delivered via our Global Institute network.

Imagine the entire world is our campus. Students can start out with a six-week academic block at CIEE’s Global Institute in Berlin, head south to Cape Town for six weeks, then finish up the semester with six weeks in Rio – for an unprecedented comparative learning experience. For students, the transition between international study locations is as seamless as moving from classroom to classroom on a single university campus where they might attend morning class in the biology building, cross the quad for afternoon class in the engineering center, then attend an evening class in the humanities hall.

With ten Global Institutes locations on 3 continents, the advantages are exponential. Students can combine academic blocks in London, Paris, and Rome. Or Buenos Aires, Santiago, and Madrid. In fact, the list of options includes more than 1,000 unique program combinations – including options to stay in a single location for one, two, or three blocks.

To support student success and comparative learning, CIEE’s Global Institute network offers:

  • The signature Intercultural Communication and Leadership course;
  • An international staff trained on facilitating global understanding; and
  • An intercultural learning framework that is woven through all on-site activities and learning goals.

For students who decide to study at more than one Global Institute during a semester, CIEE provides additional resources and support to ensure that the overall experience is of a highly consistent single program. Multiple locations, one cohesive intercultural learning program.

Learn more about our Global Institutes and Open Campus programming.

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