Study Abroad Program Update for Spring 2021

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The safety of our students and staff is our highest concern and will guide our program offerings in spring 2021. As of today, we are planning to operate most scheduled spring 2021 programs. Due to projected pandemic-related issues that are unlikely to resolve themselves in the near term, programs in Cape Town, Gaborone, Legon, Rabat, St. Petersburg, and the Yucatan are suspended until Summer 2021.

Our decision regarding whether we can offer a given program is based on health and safety trends, travel restrictions, the ability to secure student visas, and host institutions’ decisions. All final decisions about program viability will be made at least 30 days prior to program start date, and in the event of cancellation, all application and program fees are protected by the CIEE Program Assurance Advantage. At this point, we foresee no modifications of program start or end dates.

Pricing and Scholarships for 2020/ 2021 ​

Pricing for all programs will remain the same as our programs in the 2019/2020 academic year and all additional costs related to revised COVID-19 safety protocols will be absorbed by CIEE. CIEE’s suite of scholarships and travel grants will be available as well as the full suite of Frederick Douglass Global Fellows/ Summer Scholars grants.

Our GAIN Travel and Gilman Go Global Grants will also return.

For spring 2021 we are offeering a special FU COVID-19 flight award that will support every student who attends a spring 2021 semester programs in Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Rome, and Sydney with a $1,000 Flight Unit (FU) flight voucher.

Additionally, students who deferred their application from fall 2020 to spring 2021 can retain any CIEE scholarships or grants they were offered as long as their new program is of comparable length and location.


The application deadline is October 1 for the following CIEE programs: 

Africa and the Middle East

  • Jordan 
    • Amman Advanced Arabic Language
    • Amman Middle East Studies


  • Czech Republic 
    • Prague Central European Studies
  • Denmark 
    • Copenhagen Open Campus Block
  • France 
    • Paris Open Campus Block
    • Rennes Liberal Arts
  • Germany 
    • Berlin Global Architecture and Design
    • Berlin Open Campus Block
    • Berlin Semester Internship
  • Ireland 
    • Dublin City University
    • Dublin Trinity College
    • Dublin University College Dublin
  • Italy 
    • Rome Open Campus Block
  • Netherlands 
    • Amsterdam Business and Culture
    • Amsterdam Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Portugal 
    • Lisbon Language and Culture
  • Spain 
    • Barcelona Advanced Liberal Arts
    • Barcelona Business and Culture
    • Barcelona Economics and Culture
    • Barcelona Language and Culture
    • Madrid Engineering and Society
    • Madrid Liberal Arts
    • Madrid Open Campus
    • Seville Advanced Liberal Arts
    • Seville Business and Society
    • Seville International Business and Culture
    • Seville Liberal Arts
  • UK 
    • London Goldsmiths
    • London Open Campus Block
    • London University College London
    • London Westminster
    • London Semester Internship

Latin America

  • Argentina 
    • Buenos Aires Liberal Arts
    • Buenos Aires Open Campus Block
  • Costa Rica 
    • Monteverde Open Campus Block
    • Monteverde Sustainability and the Environment
    • Monteverde Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Pacific Rim

  • Australia 
    • Sydney Arts and Sciences
    • Sydney Open Campus Block
    • Semester Internship
  • China 
    • Shanghai Business, Language and Culture
    • Shanghai China in a Global Context
    • Shanghai Open Campus Block
    • Shanghai Semester Internship
  • Japan 
    • Kyoto Ancient and Modern
    • Tokyo Arts and Sciences
  • South Korea 
    • Seoul Arts and Sciences

CIEE Spring 2021 Internship Placements

In-person and virtual internships will both be offered across the CIEE network in spring 2021. We have added staff in Berlin to help in speed of placement as well as increasing the portfolio of opportunities. Semester-length internships will be available in Berlin, London, Shanghai and Sydney.

CIEE Program Assurance Advantage

As a reminder, all applicants to CIEE’s academic year 2020-2021 study abroad and global internship programs are protected by our Program Assurance Advantage, so students can feel confident confirming participation without incurring financial risk. This free benefit protects students' financial investment in the event CIEE must cancel an international program. If students choose to withdraw, or their institution requires them to withdraw, up to 14 days before the start of a program, CIEE program fees paid will be refunded.

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