Students Choosing Comparative Learning through CIEE's Global Institute Network

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Brenda Majeski

Brenda Majeski

The number of students enrolling in one of CIEE’s 10 Global Institutes increased 60 percent in Fall 2018. Of those students, 60 percent choose to study in just one location, while 40 percent choose a comparative study abroad experience and will study in two or three international cities. 

CIEE's Global Institute locations (Berlin, Buenos Aries, Cape Town, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, and Santiago, Chile) act as an international "quad," allowing students to move between locations as easily as between buildings on a traditional college campus. This provides students with the opportunity to design a comparative study abroad program that best meets their academic goals.

More colleges and universities are embracing the unique and flexible format of our Open Campus model that makes it possible for students from many different academic disciplines to pursue coursework across six academic tracks. Students can stay in one city for up to three six-week blocks, or seamlessly transition between study locations to pursue a global comparative learning experience. Students choose from a multitude of courses taught in English, three levels of foreign language courses, as well as internships, research projects, and service learning options. 

To introduce this innovative study abroad model to more colleges and students, CIEE is offering 10 grants totaling $70,000 for each term for Spring and Fall 2019, or a total of $140,000 to each CIEE Academic Consortium member school. Each CIEE Academic Consortium member may award to students of their choice up to five Open Campus Grants (valued at $4,000 to $6,000 each), three OC Latin America Grants (valued at $8,000 each), and two OC Nelson Mandela Grants (valued at $8,000 each) for both the Spring 2019 and the Fall 2019. Learn more at CIEE’s  Open Campus Grants website.

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