Meet CIEE's Southern Europe Center Directors

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Caroline Maas

I'm happy to introduce you to the Directors of CIEE's European Centers. These are the educators who ensure our students studying abroad are safe and supported as they work toward academic and personal goals.


Daniel Audaz
Center Director, Rennes

Daniel has been director of the CIEE Rennes since 2008. His research focuses on intercultural competence, alterity, sociocultural theory, and mediation in cross-cultural exchanges.

Daniel studied at the University of Aix-en-Provence (France) where he obtained his M.A. in Geography, and specialized in FLE/S (Français Langue Etrangère et Seconde). He completed his Ph.D. coursework in second language acquisition at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While there, he received an award recognizing his creation of a simulation/games environment prototype for use in a foreign language classroom. 

Isabelle Jaffe
Center Director, Toulouse

Isabelle was hired by CIEE in 2014 to set up and run the CIEE Center in Toulouse. Previously she was a language instructor and assistant academic director for SIT in Toulouse and held various teaching positions in the U.S. and France. In addition to her academic positions, Isabelle has worked as a cross-cultural consultant for several firms in the Toulouse area, including Aerospatiale. Her short stories have been published in literary journals in France and her plays have been produced in theaters in Toulouse.

Isabelle received her bahelor's degree in English and Philosophy and her master's degree in Literature from the University of Paris–La Sorbonne.

Jean-Philippe Primout (JP)
Center Director, Paris

Jean-Philippe joined CIEE in 2008 working in a number of positions, including most recently as Operations and Student Life Director, before becoming Director of CIEE Paris in 2019. Prior to joining CIEE, Jean-Philippe taught at several universities in Europe.

Jean-Philippe received his M.A. in French Language Acquisition from the University of Tours, and received his second M.A. in European Studies from the University of Paris 8. 


Valentina Follo, Ph.D.
Center Director, Rome

Prior to joining CIEE, Valentina taught at Loyola University and IES Abroad, and created and supervised numerous student internship and exhibition opportunities as curator of the Norton-Van Buren Archaeological Study Collection at the American Academy in Rome.

Valentina graduated summa cum laude in Classical Archaeology from University La Sapienza in Rome and also studied at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. After receiving her M.A. in Pedagogy of Antiquity from the University of Ferrara, she completed her Ph.D. in Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Patrizia Turchi
Center Director, Ferrara

Patrizia started working for CIEE in 2007. Prior to joining CIEE, Patrizia was a learning support teacher in Ferrara. Before that she lived in the United Kingdom for 10 years, where she studied Play Therapy and worked with the Special Educational Needs Support Team in the city of Croydon.

Patrizia has a degree in philosophy and education, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in teaching methodology and promotion of the Italian language and culture.


Luísa Caldas
Center Director, Lisbon

Luísa has been working for CIEE since 2009. Prior to joining CIEE, she had been involved in youth peace education for more than two decades with an international NGO.

Luísa holds a B.A. in History and Art History and an M.A. in Art History and Preservation from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. In addition, Luísa has completed a post-graduate diploma in management at the Universidade Católica de Lisboa. 


Magda Bernaus, Ph.D.
Center Director, Barcelona

Magda has been CIEE's Center Director in Barcelona since 2012 and has worked in international education since 1999. Her academic area of expertise is medieval architecture, and she has extensive experience designing and teaching art and architectural history courses for both Spanish and North American universities in Spain.

Magda holds a degree in Tourism Management from Escola de Turisme - Universitat Girona, a degree in Art History from Universitat de Barcelona, and a Ph.D. in Art History from Universitat de Barcelona. 

Rocío Diez
Center Director, Alicante

Rocío joined CIEE in 2015 and has extensive experience working in the fields of communication and cultural management.

She holds a B.A. in Ancient History from the Universidad de Alicante, and a master's in Ancient History and Archaeology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Francisco (Paco) Diez
Center Director, Seville

Paco, who joined CIEE in 2000, has an extensive teaching experience in higher education: he has taught Spanish at Michigan State University; classroom teaching and learning methodologies at the Universidad de Alicante; and diverse CIEE area content courses in interdisciplinary fields such as hispanic studies and intercultural communication. He has published several articles in the field of language acquisition as well as in gender issues in study abroad. 

Paco has a B.A. in English Studies from the Universidad de Alicante, a master's in Spanish Studies and Linguistics from Michigan State University, and completed the Management Development Program at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Antonia Ferriol, Ph.D.
Center Director, Palma de Mallorca

Antonia started as Director of CIEE Palma in 2006. She previously held this position in Alcalá de Henares and Barcelona. Prior to joining CIEE, Antonia taught Spanish language, linguistics, literature, and culture at Pennsylvania State University, Middlebury College, Denison University, and the Universitat de les Illes Balears in Palma.

Antonia earned her doctorate at Pennsylvania State University. 

Eero Jesurun, Ph.D.
Center Director, Madrid

Eero joined CIEE as director of CIEE Alcalá in 2003, then began at CIEE Madrid in 2005. Before CIEE, Eero was a marketing consultant, working in New York, Cuba, and Brazil. He is fluent in Dutch, Papiamento, English, and Spanish.

Eero completed his B.S. and master's degrees from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. He has a Ph.D. from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid where he did research and taught classes on Spanish cinema, cultural theory, and immigration.

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