Meet CIEE's Northern European Center Directors

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Caroline Maas

I'm delighted to introduce you to the Directors of CIEE's Northern European Centers. These educators facilitate students' academic and personal growth, and are there to make sure all students are safe and thriving during their study abroad experience.


Mirona Magearu-Matagne, Ph.D.
Center Director

Mirona joined CIEE Brussels in December 2018. Originally from Romania, she has been working in Belgium in the sector of cultural diplomacy since 2013 after spending 8 years studying and working in the United States.

Mirona received her doctorate degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Maryland and two master's degrees, one in English Literature and Language from Emporia State University in Kansas, and the other in Communication and Public Relations from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest. She earned her bachelor's degree in literature from the University of Bucharest.

Czech Republic

Will Barnard, Ph.D.
Center Director

Originally from the United States, Will has lived and worked in the Czech Republic for over twenty years. Prior to joining CIEE, he served in leading academic and operational roles in both the Czech higher education system and American study abroad programs.

Will has a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. 


Karin Klitgaard Møller
Center Director

Karin joined CIEE in 2019 to launch the Global Institute in Copenhagen. Prior to joining CIEE, Karin worked for 15 years at the University of Copenhagen, first as Head of the Section for Incoming Exchange Students at the University of Copenhagen’s International Office, and then as Head of Internationalization at the Faculty of Life Science. For the past five years she has been the Manager of Student Advising and International Relations at EDU, an organization that offers comprehensive support for Danish students looking for international study opportunities abroad. 

Karin has a master’s degree in English and Minority Studies (University of Copenhagen), and a bachelor’s degree in English (University of Copenhagen). She has been a European Association of International Education (EAIE) trainer since 2006. 


Elizabeth Terry
Center Director

Elizabeth joined CIEE in 2017, and has nearly 20 years of experience working with U.S. students in London, first as Director of the University of Delaware’s London center and then as the Director of the ACCENT London Study Centre. She is a board member of Independent Higher Education, an organization representing overseas higher education providers in London.

Elizabeth has a master’s degree in History of Modern Architecture from University College London, and a bachelor’s degree in History of Art from the University of East Anglia. 

Samantha Cooper
AIC Director

Samantha joined AIC in 2016, having previously worked at EUSA (AIC's predecessor organization) where she established the University Relations department in Boston and then served as the London Director. Samantha has worked in international education since 2001. She has studied abroad in France and Spain; volunteered in Ecuador, Nepal, and India; and taught English in Argentina.

Samantha holds a master's of Public Administration specializing in non-profit management from Portland State University, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara in French and Psychology.


Stephanie Levy
AIC Director

Stephanie joined AIC in 2015. Originally from Tennessee, she has lived and worked in Germany for more than 19 years. During that time, Stephanie organized and presented cultural and foreign language workshops and seminars for a variety of organizations and institutions in Berlin, Munich, and Hong Kong. Most recently, she developed and led her own online learning programs for creative business with participants from more than 50 countries.

Stephanie holds Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Science in Education degrees from the University of Tennessee, and she received a Master of Arts degree from the Institute for Art in Context at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Ullrich Lohrmann, Ph.D.
Center Director

Ullrich, who joined CIEE in 2019, has been working in study abroad for more than 25 years in Germany. Most recently, Ullrich led a study abroad program with a team of eight staff and 21 faculty and was responsible for overall academic and operational management in an atmosphere of significant participant growth.

Ullrich earned his Ph.D in history from the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, where he also completed his master’s degree. His own study abroad experience includes doctoral field research in Tanzania, a year at Oxford University, and two semesters at US high schools in Virginia.


Nora Vizi
Center Director

Nora joined CIEE as the Director in Budapest in October 2018,  relocating to her home town after 16 years spent in several countries in Asia and Europe. She has been working in the field of educational management since 2010, as member and the Secretary of the Board of Directors at an IB school in Indonesia, and as the head teacher at a language academy in Spain. Prior to this, she held financial and administrative managerial positions at the United Nations, Tetra Pak, and Telekom to name a few.

Nora holds an MBA from Corvinus University of Budapest, a degree in Law from ELTE University, and a bachelor's in Finance and Accounting.


Enda O’Connell
Center Director

Enda joined CIEE as Dublin Director in April 2019.  He has held a variety of teaching , training, and academic management positions in Australia, China, Korea, Ireland, Britain. and Spain.

Enda completed his primary degree in Education at Dublin City University and his postgraduate in TESOL through Trinity College, London.


Jonathan Key
Center Director

In 2012, when he was still in graduate school, Jonathan joined CIEE as a Resident Coordinator; six years later, he became the Center Director of the Amsterdam Study Center. Throughout his time with CIEE, Jonathan has focused on the ways in which the lived reality of identity (politics) profoundly shapes both our students’ study abroad experience, as well as their understanding of the country and culture they enter into. In addition to teaching two classes on the intersection of identity and visual media, Jonathan most recently oversaw the launch of CIEE Amsterdam’s Power and Privilege workshop series, and designed its brand new high school program on Queer Life and Activism in the Netherlands. 

Jonathan has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in American Studies from the University of Groningen.


Bogdan Radomski, Ph.D.
Center Director

A native of Poland, Bogdan began as CIEE’s resident director in Warsaw in 1989. He strongly believes that personal contacts developed by living with people of different nationalities, cultures, and habits, help eliminate stereotypes and xenophobia, and thus, furthers better understanding in today’s world.

Bogdan received his master's and Ph.D. in economics from the Warsaw School of Economics and currently also serves as an associate professor and senior lecturer of international finance there. 


Nancy Kogin
Center Director

Nancy has lived in Moscow for almost 20 years and has over 20 years of experience living and working in multicultural environments. Her interest in study abroad began in 1990 when she was an exchange student on a year-long program at Belarusian State University in Minsk. Since then she has worked with high school, university, and graduate students from all over the U.S. and Eurasia as they prepare for and participate in exchange programs. Prior to joining CIEE, she helped manage the recruitment, selection, and pre-departure support of program participants at American Councils for International Education.

Nancy received her master’s in International public administration from DePaul University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Russian and Soviet Studies from Colby College. 

Irina Makoveeva, Ph.D.
Center Director
St. Petersburg

An experienced teacher and academic, Irina shares her expertise in Russian literature and cinema with students while teaching CIEE courses and leading monthly cinema nights. She has taught at Vanderbilt University, the University of Pittsburg, Virginia Tech, and the Moscow Lomonosov State University. Her publications focus on the popular culture adaptations of literary canonical texts (Anna Karenina in particular), Soviet and post-Soviet culture, and women’s cinema. Irina is the editor of A Window onto Russia: A Half-Century of Study Abroad with CIEE, a compilation of alumni reflections commemorating the St. Petersburg Center’s 50th Anniversary in 2017.

Irina holds a Ph.D. in Slavic and film studies from the University of Pittsburg and a master’s degree in Russian philology and comparative linguistics from the Moscow Lomonosov State University. 

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