Introducing eLab – A Crash Course in Entrepreneurship in Berlin or London

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Caroline Maas

CIEE is now offering eLab, a 6-week entrepreneurship certificate program for post-grads who are interested in learning the skills needed to develop, launch, and operate a new business.

The crash course for future entrepreneurs will be offered at our Global Institutes in London and Berlin, where students can benefit from the dynamic, multicultural energy of the cities, each of which have a vibrant start-up culture. Students will visit local companies, attend lectures featuring the keenest entrepreneurial minds, and connect with experienced mentors.

eLab’s short modular format makes it an affordable way to quickly cultivate core business skills including finance, funding, planning, design prototypes, ethics, data analysis, impact measurement, and more. There are two levels of program – Emerging eLab, an introductory level module for participants looking for insights that will help them get their business idea investor-ready or their startup ready to launch, and Advanced eLab, for participants ready to further develop and grow a newly-launched business.

By the end of the Emerging eLab program, students will understand the essential elements of startup structure and will have developed a comprehensive business plan they will be ready to pitch their idea to venture capitalists and investors. Advanced eLab offers the opportunity for participants to extend their progress and development of the business model.

Participants can take a single program or both programs back to back to get the benefit of two coordinated courses. They can even take one program in Berlin, the other in London, in order to explore the business climate of both entrepreneurial cities.

What really sets eLab apart is the opportunity for students to connect with peers and mentors from all over the globe. CIEE’s international community gives students the perspective needed to tryout then refine their vision, hatch new ideas, and possibly find new business partners.

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